Reply To: Feedback v. 6.0.13

Avatar photodltoster

Ok, I understand that multiply enemy parties can catch you. Just a bad luck. I just disagree that devs must do that every mission is completable for player in any moment of the rising of his company. There are missions (like greenskin fort attack) that his own knights refuse to go on, because they are suicidal. And this lord just looking for a cannon fodder that will try and succed maybe. Or not, that is only lost advance payment for him. I think player better not to take attack forts missions from lords until they are have 8+ level fullsquad in better than bandit raider armor and weapon (150+ armor). You can take deliveries, next try to attack cemetaries by village elders contracts, direwolves/disguised raiders is next challenging level, plus patrol missions. But they can still try to give you fort attack missions, your option is not to take it. It is not right that lord must have a problem with tiniest greenskin fort that can be conquered by 8 hobos. He can destroy such little threat like that by his own knight forces and not to pay them more than he already pays. I mean it is ok, that some missions can not be done by player party in current state. They wiil be succedable in future. But i agree that payment must be musch higher for fort attack then delivery. Ok, you can say that this lord is a cunning creaturethat tries to fool you and send for a csuicidal missions for 100 crowns. Refuse him.

Sorry if i sounded rude, English is not fluent for me and it can be troubling to choose a correct tone.