Reply To: Old glitch with tutorial not starting right away

Avatar photoRahziel

Chill a bit, please, after WorldMap update devs buried in tons of bugreports, and rap fixing those bugs nonstop everyday.
If devs fail your time-expectations – you should remember that its only 3 man team, and they’re doing their best – give them a bit of time,
and most importaintly, trust devs, they deserve it. This bug that was said to be fixed might have been just a bit more trickier than it seemed to be.

The next milestone is fixing all bugs and adding new types of contracts. Or were you asking about something further along the road?

And this suggestion you made (i think i’ve seen it mentioned somewhere in Suggestions Forum) is nice one, i would want it implemented too.
But in the mean time, to search for location in contract you can pause the game by pressing Spacebar, zoom out with mousewheel or + – keys and with left click and drag look around the map for your destination – it would be marked with golden coin above it.