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One half of my team are nimble melee fighters (they basically hold the line) – i start with defense and then switch to utility (to pick that perk that halves fatigue for armors).

and second half of my team are archers/crossbowmen who start off with utility and then switch into offense
What you get that way are superb nimble tanks that are super hard to hit – i like to arm them with maces – and you get crossbowmen that confuse the AI into thinking they are weak so it attacks them – and when they do attack i simply switch to 2 handed weapons (and later one handed once i got nimble on them as well) and slaughter everything.

This way you have everything covered – you can fill the normal enemies with bolts from crossbows (really good for picking off orc bersekers for example) and when you run into enemies that are mostly resistant to arrows/bolts (skeletons?) you can still switch to two handed weapons and help your first line.

There are some weaknesses to this. Not every character will make a great Nimble fighter, so it’ll take a while to get the perfect lineup, and enemies like goblins and bounty hunters / mercenaries will make mincemeat of your shieldless army. Carrying spare kite shields with Bags and Belts ought to help.

One question that comes to mind is “How are you distributing points?” When you specialize someone, their stats tend to be easy to focus. A ranged character typically increases ranged attack at every level; a melee fighter takes some combination of melee defense / HP / Fatigue / melee attack. Etc. But when you start getting guys who you want to be good at both melee and ranged combat, your points get a little more sparse.

Basically, I’d love to know what your method is so I can try it out myself.

Legendary posts Meeky, some really interesting stuff it makes my just hit them really hard approach look like child’s play

They’re really not that special. A lot of people have done similar things, I think.

The heavy weapons build doesn’t start playing like a heavy weapons build until later, and you really need a wildman, farmer, hedge knight or sellsword to really make it work. Traits that boost fatigue / damage (Drunkard is a godsend) are awesome on these guys. High melee attack is important, too. Extra HP or fatigue recovery sure don’t hurt.

As an aside, IMO the Tier 3 defense tree is still pretty unrewarding to dive into. Those are reactive abilities that you have to activate proactively, and the enemy AI tends to know to go for other units. Maybe they’d work alongside the Taunt skill, but at that point… Honestly, it seems like a waste of a turn.