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Wait meeky wasnt it you who originally suggest nimble build to me when i complained about Orc Warriors being too tough?

Yes! I don’t take it on every character, but it deals with orc warriors like a charm, yes. Since you use it on a lot of guys, I was curious what your level up scheme is. I’ve never tried taking an army of ALL nimble fighters because I’ve always felt they functioned best supporting other characters by being invincible.

Nimble fighters are a hard counter to orc warriors, fallen heroes, and basically all really nasty melee guys. I find them indispensable and always keep a few in my army (2-4 is good). However, more ranged opponents are being added, and they’re coming equipped with crossbows which means their ranged accuracy is high. The newest enemies of this nature are mercenaries and bounty hunters.

I dont know what bounty hunters and mercenaries are?

Okay, so bounty hunters and mercenaries are a new enemy that’s appeared in Battle Brothers since the big worldmap update. They are NOT bandits. These guys are much, much tougher than bandits, and you can fight 20+ of them at once.

Think of Bounty Hunters and Mercenaries as comparable to your own Battle Brothers. A lot of them have Quick Hands, and most have a high attack/ranged ability and decent defense. They carry crossbows more often than bows in my experience, they form shieldwalls, and they hurl throwing weapons at you. The reason they’re important to consider here is you can’t predict (unless you memorize the events for contracts) when you’ll stumble into them.

See, Bounty Hunters and Mercenaries don’t roam the worldmap yet. Right now, they trigger as part of an event and attack you. I’ve seen as few as 6 attack me, but I’ve also been forced to flee from an army of 24 or so Bounty Hunters with wardogs.

They don’t have all the tricks goblins do, but they’ve typically got heavy armor, good HP, good attack, decent weapons, and lots of ranged weapons… the ranged weapons being dangerous to Nimble fighters.

If you haven’t encountered them, then I’d suggest you try out the contracts to kill bandit camps and deliver cargo in the current update. They can trigger if you…

A) Are delivering cargo and someone decides to take it from you. Those are Mercenaries.
B) Destroy a bandit camp that gets a bandit leader as part of an event (only occurs when you have the destroy-a-bandit-camp job). Bounty Hunters attack after the fight while you’re still repairing gear / licking wounds.

Get into a tangle with a couple of those groups and let me know how it works out. Again: I’ve always used Nimble fighters, but I’ve never used them to completely replace all melee characters. Kite shields are super useful vs. goblins / bounty hunters / mercenaries.