Reply To: Combat feedback (angry and annoyed)

Avatar photoRusBear

First of all, I would like to say that if the game (even if its deficiencies) cause such strong emotions – it is said that the game is not bad :) For example, I simply delete the bad games – not even bothering to find out if she has a forum – they do not interest me at all. I agree completely on this:
you do not have a tactical arrangement in the battle and the fact that you can not appreciate the strength and the enemy and such – to return the deposit to the employer if you know you that the enemy can not afford – It would be fair and without loss of reputation .
Personally, from my own experience what I do not like – it is too strong influence of random to the game. I hope that the upcoming patch with a tactical map and alteration reference system of perks and possible level up mercenaries can partially remedy this situation. While in the early stages of the game especially in high difficulty whole game boils down to how much you’re lucky – if your mercenary gets 4 times with a chance 40 and the enemy is not – you done and the winner, but if you miss six times with 70% at the enemy with 1 hp – you start a new company. There is something wrong or the system or % that we show :).
To be fair – a team of three men and one composer has done a great game – this is not even dreamed of AAA companies with an big advertising budget. We should be very grateful to them. But in what direction will develop the game further – it is completely up to them. This game can become a masterpiece.