Reply To: Combat feedback (angry and annoyed)

Avatar photoHoly.Death

“Fun” – this concept extremely subjective – I’m fun to build a strategy and build a soldier will come out and it is work-you throw the dice? can then throw dice instead of battle on a tactical map? and developers easier and more fun to you!

And how would you determine effects such as positioning in tactical combat impacting the outcome, for example? We are throwing dices, yes, but we do so in a specific context of the tactical combat. That’s why reducing the whole battle to a single throw of a dice is a hyperbole that doesn’t help your argument. The very same battle can end very differently if you reload and play it again.

Besides, I did not write that it is necessary to completely remove the random from the game. I wrote that it is too much and that it is especially felt in the early stages of the game. And it’s not just my opinion.

I played almost any RNG game on the market and I can safely say that people who complain about RNG will always complain about it for as long as it’s there. In any amounts. But let’s say we can reduce the amount of randomness: how do you suggest doing so? And how can we gauge when it’s enough and when it’s too much?