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Just got my twelfth man and leveled both starters to level seven so if these features are in the game or being considered for DLC apologies.

* Linked/multi part contracts/missions: find a letter implicating the Baron’s wife; ambush her lover’s men before they seize the Baron; assault the wife and her lover in their abode, return for reward and find the assassins hired by the illicit couple have the Baron hostage. Branching paths would be cool too – In the example provided the player could elect to join with the couple against the Baron.
* Silk Road: Longer ‘patrols/escorts’ that give rewards at each Caravanserai; access to different goods, special gear, weapons, and hires; combat is against a better class of raiders with loads of marksmen
* Long term injuries/diseases/illness/plague: Geoff takes an arrow to the shoulder and is -10% in combat unless he gets that wound healed. If untreated the damage to his stat could be permanent or even greater (loses the arm). Either leave him in a Tavern for a bit, rest or…
* Hospitallers: Knights dedicated to healing have set up chapter house where long term cared can be provided – for a fee; could be contract givers as well (find be herbs to combat this plague). Quests to gain membership (access to leaving a comrade behind; maybe hiring on a Knight for a bit; special gear, weapons, and armor)
* Along the lines of the “more races” mentioned above; Additional Cultures with their own unique gear, professions, tactics, and potential hires: Arab/Berber; Balkans; Africans; Central Asian; Spanish; etc.
* More personality conflicts between Brothers: Not a sever a Darkest Dungeon but along those lines and have these come out over time (as you get to know your Brother you find out he snores, is a heretic, and has a lucky ‘knuckle bone’ which is actually his Da’s finger bone) or because of combat (ever since Brother Geoff got that arrow in the shoulder be breaks every arrow he sees – hate having to hide them from him.)