Reply To: Combat feedback (angry and annoyed)

Avatar photoMiaphysites

Ya lets beat up on sky! Ya! Sky face crit. Now that I think about it, and who the world thinks about it like you, ya, seems like their game is really heavy on RNG next to comparable titles? You’d sort of know when a kill happens on Jagged Alliance, 2 turns ahead of time, ya round this corner, head shot. im guessing, maybe Battle Brothers gives it to the dice too much? Now, you aren’t talking about more clicking right? no thanks. XCOM even more so, so, I got this rocket launcher see, theres a hut over there with aliens running around in it, see. This Possibly can come to battle brothers, if tactics are emphasized, im not sure, I can’t visualize it, crossbows blocked Entirely by shield wall, Totally cutting through 2-handers, bows shooting over obstacles, unprepared bowmen gets slaughtered by a melee ambush.