Reply To: Feedback v. 6.0.16

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I did the new steppe orc scenario, and had no idea that orc beserker can take out 3 healthy guys in one chain swing. Made me think of Galloglaichs or Gallowglasses? What if that swing move for 2 handers, its similar, they’d build up rotational speed with a gigantic sword around themselves. Seem like I’d give 2 handers more reason for a charge ahead.
OH OK great information Meeky. Orcs also have this charge-across-the-whole steppe move, that seems like a 2-hander thing too some version of it. Sorry lets keep this 6.0.16.
So, I just had a town with an “easy” scroll for 1140 gold, a “normal” scroll for maybe 1200, “hard” scroll was a full 1960, and that last one was JUST for escorting a caravan? The others needed clearing out bases? I’m not feeling the reward system exactly. On top of that, maybe caravan bandits should flee a lot quicker. I don’t know that much about caravan bandits. Hey I just wants me gold! Maybe a bunch of robinhood bowmen.
You know I just hate to throw this on Breakdown Epiphanies and their flawless musical arrangements but , I keep hearing it from the first time, I’m like, a trumpet is rather well known as not a medieval instrument. Some sort of flute could have done that melody instead of the trumpet. Have a “Good,Bad, and Ugly duel”, sign me up. “The musician was integral to accessing pitch on the Medieval trumpets. With the sound being produced by the lips against the aperture of the horn, only notes within the harmonic series of that particular horn was available. As far as history had been documented, it is noted that keys and finger holes were not used until at least the 15th century. This lack of pitch availability demanded much embouchure. If a musician needed to get a series of sequential whole-tone pitches, a number of different horns, and sometimes musicians, had been used.” That whole octave jumping and half step jumping melody is like, what am I hearing exactly. Anybody noticed Caravan Guards got their own artistic Icon Base, looks like birchwood, pretty cool and distinguishable if you look for it.