Reply To: Long distance caravan contracts are basically suicide missions now LOL

Avatar photoKomrad

I find the caravan contracts pretty reasonable… I’ve done Patrol jobs where i found nothing to kill (or, at least, nothing i COULD kill without too many losses) and came back after 10 or 8 days to get about the same money i spent with theyr paychecks and actually losing money from food (althoght, of course, i’ve had some contracts very profitable), but the Caravans are usually fast, they pay me for the journey, not the combat, the pay is good (unless the fights are just absurd – wich, of course… Could happen) and certain.

Also, is hard for enemies to attack you unless you are low on men, because you will have at least 5 more men than usual (shit ones, but still…) and if they do… to be honest, i have no problem with using the caravan soldiers as cannon fodder whyle i take shots with my crossbows and bows and my shieldwall waits in the back. Worked well enought so far…

I think it depends on the moment and on luck.

If you are short on money, you want to take caravan duties, because it’s safe, fast money, whyle you may want other tipes of missions to earn more money when you already have some in storage.

In both cases you may find trouble if you find an enemy you can’t escape from, being the caravan the most dangerous, cause you can’t escape so easylly (and not without cancelling the contract in the first place). But i don’t think it’s unreasonable, really…