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Avatar photoRusBear

I dont know what to tell you. The only way you can underestimate the power of nimble build is if you never tried it yourself. Beating 12 orc warriors is not impossible, you just need to make a highly specialized party.

If you dont believe me find the Orc Warrior thread i made some time ago and in it people posted screenshots of beating orc warriors (i think meeky beat ~20 of them).

I have no reason not to trust you. Moreover, I had the opportunity to assess the strength of the nimble build by myself , but for this I had to save/load game and employ 6 swordmasters. You agree that this is not a “sports”? :) I prefer to play in the ironman mod and deadly, as well as do not have the habit of replacing farmers who have proven their brave and level up to 5+ level by knights and sellswords. I think you see that in this mode to try to make from lumberjacks and so – 6 Nimble builds slightly problematic. That’s why I said that we may be play some different games :)