Reply To: Weapons that NEED to be in this game.

Avatar photoWargasm

I think most the things I thought of have already been mentioned somewhere above. But still:

— SLINGS of various kinds
— Goblins would probably sling something like the hardened, spiked outer shells of chestnuts (
— Bags of STONES for throwing at the enemy (these could just be automatically collected, and be almost useless against any type of protective clothing, but modestly damaging against naked flesh)
— Or larger ROCKS for hurling at the enemy from height
— QUARTERSTAFFS, as per Robin Hood and Little John doing battle on the bridge
— RECTANGULAR/DIAMOND SHIELDS with at least +20 melee and ranged defence (similar in shape to those used by the Celts or Romans … I’m sure someone somewhere must have used a shield of similar shape at some point in the Middle Ages)
— Skillfully crafted wooden/stone WAR-CLUBS (reinforced with pieces of metal) that have lots of sharp “teeth” as well as producing blunt force (see some fine examples here: … obviously not medieval, but it’s perfectly conceivable that some of the fantasy beings could make/use them, and that they could have passed into circulation among humans)
— A HAND-AND-A-HALF SWORD similar to the warbrand that can be borne in one hand and thus used with the Nimble perk
— A short, thick, pointy DAGGER-SWORD (thicker towards the hilt) that does damage similar to a sword but that can also be used to Puncture armour
— Metal GLOVES that quadruple the damage when throwing and landing a punch
— Metal GREAVES that can be used to kick the enemy
— POISONS to put on the tips of arrows/bolts
— FIRE to put on the tips of arrows/bolts