Reply To: Possible to progress at Deadly difficulty if you choose to kill Hoggart?

Avatar photoWargasm

The zombies weren’t from the battle against Hoggart. That had already been won, but with very few crowns and resources remaining. So I accepted a mission to attack some graveyard, and (instead of the anticipated horde of zombies in rags, along with a few in semi-destroyed armour) I found myself up against a mass of them almost all in fully intact armour, so that my weapons began to break etc. In other words, at Deadly difficulty, you have much fewer crowns but you need to spend more crowns on more lethal and more durable weapons, because most of the enemies you face (and they tend to be lurking everywhere) are very heavily armed.

If I hadn’t needed to recruit 3 more men to fulfill the opening contract, I could have easily won the battle against the 5 or 6 thugs, and then I’d have had some crowns spare and wouldn’t have needed to hurriedly accept another contract.

But could 3 decent troops beat that horde of zombies? Yes, probably – provided they were all in armour similar to the zombies’, and had shields and sufficiently lethal and durable weapons.