Reply To: A critical exception was raised at hardware level

Avatar photoredwolf240

I was able to get back on by repeatedly verifying the catch in steam properties but have just received this new warning coming up.

Picture is having trouble coming through so this is what it says

A critical exception was raised at hardware level.
The program will now terminate.

+ Function: loadCampaignO – File: scripts/states/world_state.nut:918
+ Function: initO – File: scripts/states/world_state.nut:762
+ Function: onlnitO – File: scripts/states/world_state.nut:324
+ Function: unknownO – File: NATIVE:-1
+ Function: loading_screen_onScreenShownO – File: scripts/states/main_menu_state.nut:335
+ Function: onScreneShownO – File: scripts/ui/screen/loading/loading_screen.nut:116

This came up when I tried to continue my campaign.