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Thanks a lot for your encouragement and appreciation of the work we do! :)

Other thing is women soldiers in game. When I originally hoped for some female followers I notice that you plan add them now as line soldiers or Battle Sisters. Personally I don’t think that it fit a theme but I really don’t mind them if they are rather rare. Female soldiers were not common in any of know era and low tech low fantasy medieval setup is not exactly fitting for them. Also don’t like idea of slaughtering female bandits – but that is just me. I think the best option is to add possibility to customize this on start with either slider or handful of options so it will be possible to generate world when only men or only women enlist or their ratio is what player want. I know that is additional work so its low priority but maybe its a thing worth considering.

A slider to adjust the ratio of male to female characters in the game is not something we’ll do. Rather, we’ll build a world wherein both male and female characters exist but – keeping in line with history – the majority of the fighting profession is filled by males. Female characters come with their own backgrounds that take into account how a quasi-medieval world treats them, so they won’t just be male characters with different heads either. Just like their male counterparts, some will be more and some will be less suited to the hard life as mercenaries. It’s your perogative as a mercenary commander to hire or not to hire whoever you want (and can afford).

I agree with you about your look at difficulty levels. Scarcity of funds will directly affect how strong and equipped band is and also make mistakes or losses more hard to recover. Changing statistics is no good. Although maybe you can look into changing enemy group structure. Adding additional necromancer to band of undead will make harder to fight them without changing stats or gimping AI.
More options mean more fun. And even some crazy broken setup might be great for a story(like fighting against powerful enemy in kingdom infested by bandits and seeing world burn around you with little to no possibility to stop them – its fight not to win but to survive how long you can – it be fun in different way).

Changing enemy group composition was the original plan, but as we moved onto a simulated world this isn’t as straightforward a thing to do. Opponents now create parties to move about the world based on the actual resources they have available. Handing out more resources for them to create bigger/meaner parties would unbalance the world as a whole, not only as it concerns the player. Adjusting the scarcity of funds is one of the few things that only applies to the player – and is easily done. I suppose we could “cheat” and give the AI extra units in tactical battles with the player only on harder difficulties. We’ll see.

We’ll look into different starting options in the future. For now we want to concentrate on just getting the core game done.

How exactly economy will work?

We’ll start with a relatively simple economy based on the idea that every location has finite resources, ways to spend them and often multiple ways to acquire them, all to the ultimate end of presenting the player a dynamic world which they can actually influence. We’ll do a video soon to explain the world simulation (and present the new visual style of the map) which will probably do a better job showing how the economy works than I could do explaining it here.

I read about generation of wealth and health but if there will be something more? Like villages supplying town with food and resources and town producing goods etc?

Yes, villages do supply towns, watchtowers and strongholds. And also each other.

Also how strongholds will be funded? Is they belong to named nobles? Do they send tax collectors and supply wagons to settlements to get funds and supplies?

Well, strongholds would probably send out tax collectors, but we’ve abstracted this to them gaining resources automatically for now.

Will there be independent merchant/traders who travel around world for gain? They can move and generate some wealth for settlements they visit but mostly for themselves(when they get rich they can retire in cities adding their wealth to them).

There are no independent traders currently, every trader belongs to a village (or town or city). The idea is to have a few hidden merchants on the map outside of the usual locations, such as a supposed witch selling you a supposedly magical item. It’s something we’ll tackle after the initial release.

Will there be independent free companies like player Band of Brothers? Who look for contract and possibility to enrich themselves?

We’ve considered neutral mercenary companies before, but they are not currently in the game. Maybe at some point.

How information will flow in this world? Are there will be rumours about contracts and events or it will be passed directly to the player?

We want to have a tavern of sorts eventually where the player can, among other things, pick up on rumors based on actual world events. It won’t make it into the first Early Access release, however.

Do settlements will have some distinct structures? Like great armoury or famous swordsmith for some strongholds or university or cathedrals for cities?

No, settlements do not have distinct structures currently. It’s a nice idea, though, to give them more flavor.

Do you plan adding abbeys or some sort religious settlements with monk who preach and pilgrims to visit and witch hunter to take heretics?

This hasn’t come up before. Maybe. We do already have both monk and witchhunter backgrounds for characters you can hire.

This game have some strong Warharmer vibe. Do you plan adding cultist/heretics faction? Or maybe dirty ratmens?


What about bandits? Are they more than maruders and robbers? Do you consider adding some sort of rogue knights?

Also yes. Though probably not at first. We’re a bit short on time, so the first iteration of bandits sadly won’t feature that much unique units or mechanics.

So when will be possible to get hands on this game in making?

Early next year, as in January or February.

Are there is possibility for early access before early access? How much it will cost?

I’m not sure what you mean exactly. If you’re rich, feel free to make us an offer to get immediate access ;)

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