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Hello again.
Thanks for response. I am not disappointed.

A slider to adjust the ratio of male to female characters in the game is not something we’ll do. Rather, we’ll build a world wherein both male and female characters exist but – keeping in line with history – the majority of the fighting profession is filled by males. Female characters come with their own backgrounds that take into account how a quasi-medieval world treats them, so they won’t just be male characters with different heads either. Just like their male counterparts, some will be more and some will be less suited to the hard life as mercenaries. It’s your perogative as a mercenary commander to hire or not to hire whoever you want (and can afford).

Sounds reasonable. No more questions.

Changing enemy group composition was the original plan, but as we moved onto a simulated world this isn’t as straightforward a thing to do. Opponents now create parties to move about the world based on the actual resources they have available. Handing out more resources for them to create bigger/meaner parties would unbalance the world as a whole, not only as it concerns the player. Adjusting the scarcity of funds is one of the few things that only applies to the player – and is easily done. I suppose we could “cheat” and give the AI extra units in tactical battles with the player only on harder difficulties. We’ll see.


Well, strongholds would probably send out tax collectors, but we’ve abstracted this to them gaining resources automatically for now.

Which makes sense. Strongholds most of the times have little towns inside and their own fields and wells so they should generate their own supplies and some coins. Although gross funds should come from outside. But as for temporary solutions is OK.
Do watchtowers generate money? I was thinking about them collecting some tariffs from trade caravans passing by.

There are no independent traders currently, every trader belongs to a village (or town or city). The idea is to have a few hidden merchants on the map outside of the usual locations, such as a supposed witch selling you a supposedly magical item. It’s something we’ll tackle after the initial release.

I was more about trade caravans independent from cities. Something like Merchant Guild or Hansa. Bunch of traders moving with goods between cities and making money occasionally spreading rumours.

We want to have a tavern of sorts eventually where the player can, among other things, pick up on rumors based on actual world events. It won’t make it into the first Early Access release, however.

Sounds good. But how information gonna spread? If say village is overrun by undead then anybody instantly will know this or say some refuges will arrive to the nearby town or stronghold or other village and from this place information is spreading by traders, tax collectors, patrols, wandering monks or adventures who visit other places.

This hasn’t come up before. Maybe. We do already have both monk and witchhunter backgrounds for characters you can hire.

I was more about their presence on world map. Something like villagers send plea to their feudal lord for protection when they are threaten by bandits orcs or monsters but in case of undead or some heretical activity they first ask local bishop to send a company of Witchhunters.
Wandering monks can be used to gather resources and information and spread rumours. Pilgrims mostly bring offerings to the holy places and spread rumours.

I’m not sure what you mean exactly. If you’re rich, feel free to make us an offer to get immediate access ;)

Haha. Sadly I am not that rich to buy your company. If I was you will be sitting in special dungeon already working on sequel or expansion.
I hoped for some possibility to buy copy or two of game with access to current build even if it would be much more priced than final version. Probably not worth your time unless you are interested in some pocket money.
Speaking of which how much you would charge for final version?

Thanks for reply. It was interesting to read. I can clearly see that your work is going into the right direction and I am sure that you will do a great job.
Good luck. Although I don’t think you will need it much because you have enough skill to be successful on skill alone.
I think God Speed will be more fitting.