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Avatar photoHoly.Death

I reckon, a missing nose belongs to the also-bonus-granting ones then. ^^

Well, it could be done. Like cause fear in all humans next to him. Or all humans who can see him (there are helmets that obscure view). But only when he doesn’t wear a helmet or wears a helmet that doesn’t cover his face. Could also affect allies (and by the way – I think that all brothers have too strong starting morale).

For me sounds not good. Injuries like this should not give any bonuses for soldier. If soldier lost his arm, he should always get negative bonus. But surviving bad injuries, meybe he should get bonus resolve or even get negative resolve bonus?

While you’re not wrong I am pointing out that wounds such as these are going to make players ask themselves a question: “is this man still worth keeping him in my warband?”.

Bonuses that Mordheim uses for some wounds (not all of them) are incentivizing keeping some significantly wounded (or maimed) characters in the roster despite their wounds. Especially in the context of experience and costs (firing and hiring a replacement is going to cost money and detract from shipments, and you have certain quotas to meet or you risk losing your campaign).