Reply To: People who can't play the new update don't matter?

Avatar photoSekata

I feel your frustration. I had a bug a while back (and still do!) That crashes combat speed after about 500 in game days. Happens on different save files with different companies. I’ve got more than 300 hours in the game, and I love the work that Overhype does. I went through the reporting process, and they couldn’t fix it. I get it. It’s a small team, they can’t fix every issue with every player with all the different pc specs out there, but it was suggested that maybe I was using a mod to affect the time functions in-game, and that was my problem. So not only was the problem not fixed, with no possible fix incoming, but it was implied that I caused the problem by cheating. Love the work that the Overhype team is doing, and it’s incredibly impressive for a team of their size, but I do kinda feel shafted on the bug side of things.