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Avatar photoLove Gun

We will rework named items in general a little and also their distribution. We want to put more focus on exploration, so most of these items will be lootable in treasure locations hidden somewhere on the worldmap.

I hope that exploration-part will be implemented in a way, that it fits the theme of the game.
Like doing it by (also) adding contracts, that are about protecting:

– an adventurous noble, that seeks fame and fortune, by finding some steeped in legend artifact

– a group of treasurehunters/grave robbers only interested in gold, aiming to sell all valuables they find

– cultists/monks searching for a relic to strengthen their cult(you get everything but the relic they are seeking) (plot twist: turns out it is or wants to become a necromancer. So after success you made a necromancer more powerful or created one. Is a deal a deal or will you kill this madman?)

– a noble house seeking for a mighty weapon, to obtain superiority over the other houses

Pay could be a share of the loot, but maybe there is nothing to loot at all or it is simply upfront gold. Then there could be options to screw the contract and renegotiate or even steal or kill and take whatever aroused your desire.

In my opinion, renegotiating combined with blackmailing(for oneself and the contractees) should be a thing in general, at the cost of renown/relation of course.