Reply To: Weapons that NEED to be in this game.

Avatar photoGazzan

Arquebus and early Bombard cannon’s COULD be fun but they would have to be absurdly expensive and rather ineffective for anything other than low Armour penetration and moral shock, the advent of early gunpowder weaponry didn’t immediately bring about the death of sword and shield combat in fact it wasn’t until the advent of rapid firing weaponry such as the Gatling gun and Howitzer artillery pieces.

Slings could be a wonderful alternative to arrows that do less Armour penetration damage but come with a chance to stun opponents and would make a lot of sense for Orc’s and bandits to have in abundance.

Finally and this is slightly off topic Pikes are strangely enough slightly under powered compared to their cousin the Billhook and the Introduction of Halberd would make this certainly worse and would only add to the unnecessary nature of the pike considering the Billhook is more common in-game than the aforementioned Pike.