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As ideas – Possible invasion of cards with 4 points of the compass.

1. Treacherous knights, mercenaries from the west with the elements of weapons and armor of the late Middle Ages. Deep specialization types of troops. Mechanical and technological weapons.

2. Dark Expedition Normans (Vikings, Rus) in the north – the beard, totem poles, axes, medium armor, special perks associated with axes and type of raider attacks.

3. Legendary Oriental strangers – light and medium armor, weapons exotic Asia. The motives in the clothing – from Mongolia and China to India. The bright, colorful colors. Perks associated with spiritual practices and martial arts schools.

4. Sophisticated and corruption slaveholders of the South – a combination of luxury and slavery. The clothes used elements of ornaments made of feathers and skins of exotic birds and animals. Sacrifice, worship of fire. Lords consider themselves godlike. Among the troops found the alchemists with gunpowder and oil fire projectiles.