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If you’re going to have 24 characters on your side in this game, you’d quite frankly be best off controlling all of them, even for special dungeons and such. Not only would the game move that much faster as a single-player experience (you’re not waiting for the other player and being bored by their turns), but the co-op experience would HAVE to be limited to either custom battles or a special mode that basically says “No world-map,” AND co-op becomes something that needs a lot of time investment.

PvP could have a meta, but not every meta needs to be closely watched. PvP also inherently limits encounters to a custom battle sort of setting, or maybe later “defend the fort” type things. I find this to be far more plausible, as two players with access to the exact same things is easier to balance than two players fighting an AI that has access to vastly different things than them.

But… Really, I just don’t see the NEED for multiplayer in a game like this, sans maybe an online skirmish mode. It’s designed to be a single player game, and the way it’s been designed kind of limits multiplayer options. And that’s fine.

Remember that at the end of the day this game is being developed by THREE developers. That’s a small team. Focusing all their energy into a great single player experience is way better than a mediocre single player experience and a tacked-on multiplayer one. I imagine they might investigate multiplayer options one day, such as after they’ve finished developing their awesome single-player game, but right now, that’s just not a priority of any sort.

Again, if we DO see multiplayer, I expect PvP skirmishes. If it has co-op, I’d expect an “infinite dungeon” or “endless hordes” sort of game mode, or people just using the skirmish mode against the AI.


Onto other matters.

Pretty sure we will see female characters at some point before the game launches. I’m also pretty sure they won’t be naked ladies swinging greatswords. There will, however, be ladies in armor swinging greatswords, and ladies with crossbows and bows, and ladies with pikes, etc. They’ll probably function the same as Battle Brothers but have female-specific backgrounds that show, in most cases, why Battle Sisters are rare.

And you’ll probably see a few seriously badass female warrior backgrounds as well. I’d be all for seeing a “Shieldmaiden” background with similar origins as the “Raider” one, or one where a noblewoman who always wanted to use a sword just snuck away from home and started adventuring. Etc.

I suspect, on the note of multiple contracts, that we will have that eventually. And we should. Heck, it’d be nice to be able to get a contract that basically says “Do THIS instead of what your other contract says.” A treachery contract if you will.

And on that note, making the noble houses more active is definitely a goal. The devs have made that clear. Right now they’re working on more weapons and a skeleton rework. I think the Perk rework is planned next, and then we’ll probably see a huge update for Noble Houses / factions in general some time afterwards.

Not sure how I feel about letting us buy back points we’ve spent on perks. My gut instinct says “Limit it,” such as “let us refund TO A POINT, but not do a total rework after a certain level.”