Reply To: Suggestions/Ideas and Fixes

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On “a few”:

They’re using “a” to say 1, and “a few” to mean 2-3 or 2-4 or something like that. The reason for this is simple:

To leave you guessing how many bandit leaders / necromancers / orc warriors you’re fighting exactly.

If they said “a couple” and THEN said “a few,” it’d mean you’d have a more precise knowledge of how many enemies you’re fighting. A little mystery goes a long way in making you reconsider your attack (such as is that “a few” Necromancers 2 or 3?), which I personally think is a good thing.

Heroes of Might and Magic does this a lot, too, including the vaunted #3. Hell, I think “1” enemy counts as “a few” in their games. It’s to keep you guessing / keep you on your toes.

Main character-related stuff:

There is no main character.

On Shakespearean English:

Yeah, that’s just unnecessary.

Notes on event diversity, character diversity, factions, and battles:

These are way better points. We’re in an early stage of the game where things aren’t entirely fleshed out – thus the Early Access tag. Some of the things you mentioned are definitely weak points in the game as of right now. The fog of war issue, the suggest to diversify the way people talk in different regions – that’s good stuff. I think you’re onto something. Honestly, I could see the fog of war being black and unexplored for some maps, such as enemy encampments and dungeons and such, but should we really have that for EVERY map? Wouldn’t a simple foggy overlay be better for some battles?

Those weak points are also on the “to-do” list for the devs, definitely, but these sort of suggestions can give them something to think about, certainly.

On grammar:

There’s a few spelling errors to be found throughout the game, and there are a few punctuation problems… but by and large the developers have done very well. But in-character dialogue in this game is often meant to reflect a character’s education, and I find all the dialogue easily understandable. Not sure where you’re having difficulty.

I’ve actually thought of volunteering to sift through stuff to find actual mistakes before. There ARE a few areas the spelling and punctuation could be fixed, as said. But they’re not incredibly common.