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Tell me about it… It’s not a secret that niche indie games lives and dies with it’s community and modders are the ones who keeps this kind of games alive for years. No one really cares if title is still in development… For example look at RimWorld. God knows how many mods were released for this game over the years. Even after big patch it takes only few days for modders to catch up and update their mods. What’s more maaaaaany ideas and mods itself were incorporated into core game. Community is literally developing game for developers. At this point you are sharing your suggestions with devs and waiting months hoping that your ideas will ever come to life while modders could deliver it in a matter of days. There is no downside for modding.
And the best part :D. I had no idea thet new threads on this forum has to be approved by admin. Just come on guys… I would understand that if this forum was overloaded by thousands of ppl spamming everywhere. But with only few posts a day you could really give us more freedom here. It’s almost like you are limiting your community on purpose.