Reply To: Two Handed-Weapons?

Avatar photoNightlight

Yes, I do that to force diversity in my mainline.

Agree with Sarissofoi. Some perks seem to be useless against a certain type of enemies and don’t really work well with others. For example, a defensive brother using a shield, redundant against orc warrior and young orc does a good job at cleaving shield too. Good against arrow? Nay, those goblins will snipe your archer to death and won’t bother with him. Protect your archer against arrow? Plenty of time my archer die directly behide a shield-wall, guessing there no extra bonus to protect your archer except for block penalty. So why bother with shield perks? Maybe someone can prove me wrong.

The stat to increase per level seem to be a problem as well, it kind of silly not to put points into fatigue. Another points will most likely be melee/range. It kind of giving you only one stat to choose.

Sorry for my bad English.