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Hey Paul,

I was digging through some older posts and had a look at these pictures again:

That raised some questions:
How will the combat objects influence the units’ movement possibilies; will they all just block the tile they occupy or will objects where it makes sense (e.g. bedroll, crosses, grave with tombstone) still allow units to step on it?
Will some of the objects work like height level modifiers (e.g. +1: table, the big heightened grave stone; -1 the dug grave)?
Will the stone walls be crossable, like one can jump over them, if the opposing tile is not occupied already by a unit or another object, but cannot stay on their tile? (Could be an interesting mechanic)

I noticed, there are two “water tiles”. What’s the deal with these; are they just puddles and thus cosmetic or do they have an impact? (Do they possibly have something in common with my idea for water tiles: (for ease of use, I’d recommend to press ctrl+f and type in “water tiles”))

Are the new banners supposed to substitute or complement the current mercenary banners (the ones when creating one’s company?)?
Haven’t you worked on a banner creation system some time ago? What happened to it; or was it meant to be used by the noble houses only?