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Psen are you gonna make some mid tier Cleaver? The position is lacking. Just pointing that there are actually 2 very similar in stats weapon(Short sword and Falchion) so maybe Falchion can be made some a cleaver or sword/cleaver mix? Kinda like scramasax is a sword/dagger mix.

Good observation. Just a week ago we adressed this issue. We moved the Sax to the Tier 2 Cleaver position as it is a slashing weapon anyways and was never meant to work like a dagger. On top of that we adjusted a lot of stats for the weapons to have a smoother progression from t1-t2-t3.
The Falchion also feels a little awkward in the sword position. We will think about if we move it.


Greetings Psen and thanks for answer. Nice to see progress going.
Personally I would prefer to see Scramasax as some sort cheap basic sword(slashing weapon) than a cleaver, sort of starting/peasant weapon. Falchion being a cutting weapon would make more sense as a mid tier cleaver. Just my 5 eurocents.
Are plan to make or already make some other missing weapon tiers? Like mid tier hammer, heavy human xbow, long spear(2hand 2 ranged bastard pike/spear weapon) or quarterstaff for travellers(and as a cheap version of 2ranged 2 hand weapon?)? Also I would ask if you plan make some named/unique weapons sets for goblins and undead? As far as I can see you will make some undead weapons for skeleton faction but are they gonna get some specials? It would be nice to grab some ancient cool looking stuff.
Also are you gonna add some 2 ranged melee weapons for Orcs? Giving them some long sticks could really lead to some interesting battles.

About balancing things. Are you gonna review and balance units?
Current AI is working but sometimes it isn’t working well. Changing some units equipment or perks would fix or at last patch some annoying problems.
-travelling peasants, it just flavour but its irks me that they are unarmed in such world, at last give them some sticks, knives or quarterstaff. Giving them some Rocks(throwing weapons) would be great thing to prevent their AI to rush to their deaths or run and block player(and then die)
-peasant militia, again flavour but its really irks me that all peasants are poor with sticks and rags, they should have at last some decent tier cloth armour and shield and some weapons(not juststicks or knives)as they actually posses or rent land and are worth enough to not waste their life, simple poor drifters with no land or obligations run, the men who need to protect their property and families are actually worth enough to arm themselves well
-caravan hands, it would be make more sense to give them a ranged weapon(shrotbow or a light xbow), again the rushing to their deaths problem solved and it would force hostile AI to charge caravan rather than sit and wait(which is annoying when it happen) it would add more fluidity to the escort missions
-caravan guards could get some bonus throwing weapon as it would synergy well with now ranged caravan hands
-removing rotation from a Marksmen bandits, it not work well, as Marksmen often rotate and then switch to melee and try engage again(lost turn), giving them footwork would be more sensible(and cause more problems for the players, hehe).
-bandit Marksmen could be switched into two categories(low tier like current with low/mid ranged weapons and, and higher tier better but still light armoured and with 2 ranged melee as backup weapon to cause them pose more threat at night)
-adding 2 ranged melee for Young orc would make them fill more roles on battlefield
Hope to see update sooner than later but take your time and bless us with more of your art.