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Are plan to make or already make some other missing weapon tiers? Like mid tier hammer, heavy human xbow, long spear(2hand 2 ranged bastard pike/spear weapon) or quarterstaff for travellers(and as a cheap version of 2ranged 2 hand weapon?)?

We are not working on these weapons right now, but I guess we will have another round of “filling gaps” some time before release.

Also I would ask if you plan make some named/unique weapons sets for goblins and undead?

I am not 100% sure about the goblins as they already have the spiked impaler and some other fun stuff to loot. We will set our focus more on unique human equipment which will also enhance the “Mercenary” look of your troupe. But to be honest I can’t say right now.
All new skeleton weapons will have their own characteristics and will be usable by the player. We will see if its neccessary to have named variants on top of that.

Also are you gonna add some 2 ranged melee weapons for Orcs? Giving them some long sticks could really lead to some interesting battles.

Orcs will only use close combat weapons as opposed to the goblins. I personally like that they have such a distinct fighting style and I dont want to blurr the border there.

About balancing things. Are you gonna review and balance units?

We will constantly do that. At the moment we are implementing new features which will be followed by an extensive period of playtesting. Most of the things you mention would be part of the worldmap balancing.
Adding stuff to the worldmap and making the systems work better together would be the next bigger step on our agenda.


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