Reply To: Wardogs suggestions

Avatar photoAnchar

I found that wardogs are very prone to take high ground by all cost. It’s little bit irritating, when your dog try to get higher even if that means moving right next to the enemy, in his zone of control and giving him attack of opportunity… And it happens a lot.
Wardogs could have their own experience bar for each dog, longer it stays with his master in company, the bigger chances are for dog to listen and obey command to attack certain enemy. Some sort of charge attack with stun that works like a takedown could be great, because as I said, escaping from zone of control happens to me too often. Direwolves are best in it ;) But seeing a regular bandit thug, who is running away, dog chase him and simply stand right next to him, try to bite, hits or not, thug gets away from zone of control, run as far as he can, dog once more chase him, stay right next to him, and so on and so on, it is an awkward scene.