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The Paladins – used to be a group of farmers, butchers and some guys like that, led by a retired soldier that decided to take arms to fight against the tyranny of their lord. They ended up having unexpected successes and started to accept more and more contracts, until greed took the best of their leader. So, when tasked with razing a Necromancer’s Lair, the leader made a mysteryous pact with the necromancer behind his comrades’ back in exchange for many riches and the curse fell upon all the company, so they became…

The Flesh Eaters – now in service of the necromancer, they help him to terrorize the land, raiding villages and everything else that is not under the service of their master.
Their banner is made of human flesh from different bodies, so it has a frankestein quality to it, and the emblem is a black heart trespassed by 7 daggers with pommels made of little skulls, with veins that seem like a mix of thorns and blood entwined around these daggers.

This banner is a corruption of the former The Paladins’ company: the banner used to be golden yellow, with a sun shining behind a jewelled heart. (or whatever color, I prefer the Flesh Eaters anyway : D )