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So story of cold-hearts banner goes like this: Conrad the Snake is captain, he is really shady character, there is almost no information about him. He started his company with this banner, green with black bend to the right. Simplicity and very fine material sugest that he came from some old noble family. Conrad recieved his nickname mainly becouse of his look. His face is always stone cold, his gaze is almost hypnotical, mainly because his eyes don’t move. His left hand always rest on his sword pommel. Engraving on blade tells the sword name- “Venom”. After countless battles, company members wanted to honor their captain. They took banner to the finest tailor in city where they rested between contracts. Tailor made brown snake wrapped around silver longsword. Snake’s head was bending over sword hilt with the same hypnotic gaze. When Conrad saw this, for one second, on his face you could see a half smile.