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These are awesome indeed Paul!

The banshee beggar is great… A suggestion maybe to make it a bit smaller on the banner so that the sicle can stand out more?

Here are two more suggestions then :)

Name : “the Oaken Brotherhood”
Banner : Inspired by both the Basque and Lui Pei pacts (with Zhang Fei and Guan Yu) of swearing blood brotherhood under an oak tree, I would have a classic oak tree like this

or this

BUT I would add a bloody gash on the tree.

Medieval activism. These three men became brothers under the shadow of the oak tree, blood brothers. Their aim was to bring panacea to the ills of their world, tired of hierarchy and Darwinism (although that man was not around yet off course) they pledged to form a band of brothers from all walks of life to share in their vision.

Name: “The Phantom Loon”

A loon , but pale and ghostly on a midnight blue background.

Three warriors from different backgrounds in search of their soul heard the same ghastly howl that night. It brought them beyond their power to the site of the massacre. Together they responded, and they became for ever brothers in arms. The loon still howls at times when the campfire starts to smoulder down, although never reveals itself. It still warns them that their souls belong to a common destiny….

If you want to hear a loon howl: