Reply To: [Beta patch] You changed something about ranged weapons havent you?

Avatar photoOldGreyBeard

No, there is not the perks and how they have changed and there’s the fact that your “shooters” out of 6 gex to “miss” gets it in the back of team friend. this is not the perks – this is probably the new mechanics… I had guessed?

Well, re-balance was part of the update, so I expected a decrease in the punch of ranged weapons.

I’ve noticed that beginner ranged brothers are worse. Once I got the perk for reducing the effect of obstacles, my hit percentage jumped immensely, along with a marked decrease in “friendly fire”. I’ve been a “crossbow scummer” for a while, now. While I never did any studies of hit percentages, overall I haven’t noticed any huge difference once I get guys a little experienced. It’s not as nice as the “one-shot-drops-all” crossbowmen I had before the update, but they’re not bad.

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