Reply To: [Beta patch] You changed something about ranged weapons havent you?

Avatar photoHypnoticborrat

This is not a good thing, and i suspect more people will be extremely unhappy with it when they play some more and realize whats going on.

Ranged weapons are crucial for my strategy for example, and im really feeling the lack of their usability right now ?

I really rely on my ranged guys. I usually have a front line of 8 people and a back line of 4. Those 4 are armed with crossbows / longbows and have a pike as a secondary weapon (or a longaxe, I actually like those). I am used to moving around my rangies so I have no obstacle marker and thus better hitchances, but still if I do I hit my own guys 3 out of 4 times, it’s so annoying. Before the update I hit my own guys in maybe 1 out of 10 shots.

I didn’t pick the bulls eye perk because with my playstyle obstacles shouldn’t be a problem. And considering what the guys before me stated the perk doesn’t change the friendly fire stuff, so it seems to me that archery is just flat out broken.