Reply To: Other mercenary companies?

Avatar photoSuperCaffeineDude

I think in order to do something like that it’d be great to restructure how aiding someone in battle works

“In the distance you see a group of men struggling against beasts, with no time for introductions, you lend your aid!”
-Battle with allied forces as per usual-

But then a conversation box comes up whilst you’re still on the map…
The battle over, the leader of the group approaches you warily
“Thanks, lads’ve had enough adventure for one day, we’ll be heading off now if it please you”
1.”No you won’t…” Attack them
2.”Forgetting something…” Ask for coin
3.”Fair thee well…” Bid farwell

Or perhaps if you’re outnumbered…
The battle over, the leader of the group gives you a greasy smile
“Your men look tired, allow me to relieve you of your valuables, see that you get back safe”
1.”Come get them…” Attack them
2.”Ah…” Pay them gold
3.”Werewolf! Behind you…” Try to run away

And that sort of setup could then apply to a few scenarios like a rival mercenary party, graverobbers facing the undead, peasants you might want to rob, corrupt army staff, etc. It’d be nice if, like in FTL, you could have special dialog choices based on who/what is in your party.