Reply To: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger ( injuries system )

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Idk, currently the perk & xp system is the reward for getting out alive, maybe you could get bonus xp for the hard lesson.
I like the idea of terrifying facial scars, though I don’t know it translates well to a pitched battle, where scars will be hidden from sight by armor, or is so obvious as to make you look like easy pickings.

Prosthetic limbs, could be used to negate the scar effects, maybe also inflict terrifying effects (like a pirate hook), though that seems like a lot of work for what we can presume is already occurring.
Regardless of whether an augment system were to be implemented though, it would add nice a bit of flare to be able to customize way the injury displayed, similar to the Barber, with glass/brass eyes, eye-patches and such.

Post-infliction maybe having Doctors/Priests/Barbers in your squad (or as support) and the amount of medical supplies could play a role in scar chance?
Maybe post battle a dialog option could come up…
“If I work fast and use some of our medical supplies I might be able to save Jon Johnson’s leg”
1.”Absolutely, take what you need…” -20 Medicine 75% Chance
2.”Don’t overdo it…” -10 Medicine 50% Chance
3.”We can’t spare it…” 10% Chance
4.”Put them out of their misery” -Party Moral -Jon Johnson

Also a defence stat on the weapon parry system might help people not get hit, a chance to parry steel with steel rather than move away from it or intercept with shield/armor. Ideally based on weapon with Pole-arms offering less parry and swords greater parry. Ideally leading into a situation where skilled warriors are even less likely to take damage.

Lastly reduced recruitment costs might allow for players to burn through troops rather than retain their more diminishingly effective men.

Honestly though I haven’t had a good long chance to play it yet, but that’s what springs to mind