Reply To: Ideas for a "Full Experience"

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It could also implement a set of skills depending on the type of character, such as blacksmith to repair faster weapons and even would be nice to create them (of course this in our own camp or base) in exchange for a considerable amount of tools , iron or leather if they are light armor, medical knowledge to heal the wounds of the battle brothers faster , the ability to train troops with trainer skill (with more level it will teach faster) the idea of hunting for food would be great (deers , rabbits , bears , boars for example ), to make the game more medieval , if not understand where I want to go, things that you can implement are bestial, if you want more precise ideas,you can tell me all backgrounds that you have made to think what skills would have each one , I hope you interested in the idea and enjoy a game that will give much to talk about.
Thanks again, greetings