Reply To: [Beta patch] Perks that dont exist but should be in game

Avatar photoWargasm

High-Functioning Alcoholic: no longer receive combat penalties when drunk, but gain double the bonus to resolve and an immunity to being hungover.

Eye for an Eye: while 50% or more of your hit points remain, gain +10% melee and ranged skill, +10% resolve and +10% damage on your next turn whenever a hit does enough damage to trigger a morale check.

Best Form of Defence: on your next turn after your shield is smashed, the damage bonus from double-grip is doubled to 50%, but not if you have another shield in reserve.

Now or Never: on your next turn after a hit that reduces your hit points to fewer than 50%, the action point and fatigue costs of attacks are reduced by 25% (rounded down).

One with Your Prey: gain an additional +5% chance to hit every time you attack the same opponent with melee or ranged attacks, and an additional -5% chance of being hit every time you are attacked by the same opponent with melee or ranged attacks. Bonuses are not re-set with hits, but the attack bonus is re-set as soon as you attack another opponent, and the defence bonus is re-set as soon as your opponent attacks someone else.