Reply To: First feedbacks after last update (new skills and injuries)

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Overall, This update is a major improvement on what I see the game being: Effectively managing a Mercenary company.

The range rules are much more realistic. They removed my one exploit, the “magically loaded crossbow hung from my belt”. While it makes it harder to walk all over bandits, it’s much more realistic, as well as the increased chance to hit your buddy in the back. Yeah, NOBODY would chance a bow shot into a melee in real life. IF your buddy survived, he’d be having a very serious discussion with you that would probably include a broken hand. It was fun while it lasted.

I like the perk setup better. Much more flexible, no matter what opinion I may about any given perk. At least I’m not stuck in a particular “tree” to unlock a wanted perk.

This update has brought back a lot of the tension that I lost after the first update. It’s harder to keep everybody healthy and alive and sufficiently equipped to be able to keep the band getting better.

They added “Eunuchs”!?! Not sure what to think about that, but I have a couple in the party just to see.

I can’t comment on “named” items yet. I haven’t run across any as loot, and I can’t afford them yet.

So, I have to adapt and rethink my strategy and tactics.

Now, if we can get a “bubble” during combat to refresh us as to the impact an injury is having on an enemy …

Good job, guys! Looking forward to more and better to come!

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