Reply To: First feedbacks after last update (new skills and injuries)

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After some more hours of re-playing Battle Bothers, I wrote down some little things which could be improved:

– While on the worldmap, we have the possibility to center the screen on our band, and this is great. I think this could be even more cool if we had an hot key associated to this.
Even more cool, would be the possibility to center the screen on our band while they are moving, by holding this hot key (for example, space), as you can do in some MOBA games for example.

– While you have a “support” item on your guy (such as bandage or antidote), it adds an new ability like a weapon or a shield would do. But I noticed that, considering the type of item, this ability is not listed at the same place (bandage ability was 3rd while antidote was 5th).
I think it could be nice if this kind of ability would always come at last, so it doesn’t change the order of your regular ones. While playing fast and using hot keys, it cans lead to some misstake the way it is currently.

– On the character’s sheet, being able to see the base value of every skill of your brother could be nice. Indeed, every numbers are the current numbers (and this is good this way), but sometimes you want to know who has the best base fatigue value unconsidering armor, or want to know what’s the base melee defense ability before picking some skills, etc…
It could be done with the possibility to see the base ability while mousing over the name of it, or maybe with something like “current number (base one)”.

– I also noticed a strange AI behaviour: I was defending a caravane, and after the ennemy thugs get rid off the caravan’s hands, they were all trying to kill the mule… even though I had 3 or 4 well-equiped brothers around them.

– And last thing I pointed out, is the difficulty to build a fighting strategy around nests. I tried to build a character so he can throw several nests every fight, because I wanted to try some new strategies. But the fact that fishing nest are destroyed on each use, and that they are relatively rare in marketplaces didn’t let me play it at the full potential.
I hope we see more alternative strategies opportunities, and why not the ability to use poisons that impair ennemies (as gobelins does), or other consumables uses like this.

And that’s all for today! :)