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Hey Jago, we should get you on the team as PR-dude, your answers are pretty spot on ;)

We originally considered a base for the game but quickly grasped that it would not be feasible as it takes away too much from the “traveling mercenary” style.

Instead we are pondering on a mercenary “trek” that is accompanying your mercenaries and that can be customized and acts as “mobile base”. Here will also be the place for non-combat characters like armor smiths, hunters, scribes, healers and so on. Another thing we have in mind, as Jago mentioned, is a camping mechanic that allows you to set up camp to speed up the night, repairs, wound treatment etc.

Unfortunately that all has to wait until after the Early Access. Right now we focus on hunting bugs and the balancing is a really big issue. Making sure the game does not become too easy or too difficult after 4-5 hours is really tricky as it is a very dynamic simulation that can snowball in all directions if you are not careful.

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