Reply To: More powerful named weapons

Avatar photoLasseFin

I honestly would rather have the bespoke stuff’s stats be relatively tame so a really nice nasal-helmet isn’t better protection than (for example) a great-helm, but the values seem to vary from being of little to fantastical benefit.

Do we know if the coin value correlates to the effectiveness? And if the values are procedurally generated? Haven’t had a lot of time to play these past weeks

I’d suggest it might be more flavorful if these war-relics/antiques (named items) gave “physiological” buffs, like the wolf-pelt armour does with Resolve (Like accuracy, dodge, stamina), in addition to less varied stats.

Regardless it’s nice to have them in-game

IMO it does make sense. The description does mention that it’s a hardened steel helmet. Anyone with a bit of knowledge in metallurgy knows the significance in the level of protection provided by high carbon steel armour over munitions grade armour.