Reply To: [Beta patch] Perks that dont exist but should be in game

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Immunized: poison no longer impairs your combat abilities, and, on the first occasion on which poison enters your veins in a battle, you gain an additional 6 action points and a 25% increase in damage on your next turn.

Recharged: after regaining consciousness after being stunned, the action point and fatigue costs of all skills are reduced by 50% for a single turn. Works only once per battle.

Infuriated: melee skill and damage are both increased by 25% for as long as the character remains trapped in a net.

Habituated: when fighting in snow, forests/woods or hills/mountains, melee skill and melee defence are both increased by 10%, and the character gains 1 additional action point per turn.

Ghost Buster: all ranged attacks now have a 25% chance to kill a Lost Soul.

Vigilance: melee defence and initiative are both increased by 50% for two turns whenever a withered vampire emerges beside this character in combat.

Rejuvenation: at each positive morale check, the character has a percentage chance (equal to current resolve) to regain 10% of any hit points that have been lost in the current battle.

Naked Savage: when the total fatigue cost of all equipment in the character’s possession is no more than 15% of the character’s base max fatigue, gain an additional 3 action points per turn and a 20% boost to melee skill, melee defence, initiative and damage.

Martial Artist: the Punch skill is accessible whenever not armed with a shield and no longer has a penalty to hit chance, and it gains a 25% chance to stun and fatigue any non-immune target that is hit. The character also gains access to the “Wrestle” skill, which allows them (when not armed with a shield) to throw opponents to the ground and reduce their defence capabilities by 50% for one turn.