Reply To: My ideas. (Sorry for my English)

Avatar photoMaximus

Hello again! I write my ideas yet. I want you to understand me. Therefore, I make pictures.

The first idea. Bandages is good. Bandaged themselves for bleeding is good. But why so greedy mercenaries? Why can not I use a bandage on his friend next to you? Add to use a bandage on the other mercenary!


The second idea. I have a bad memory. I can not remember each mercenary. I begin to fight and one of the mercenaries killed. I want to know who has been killed! What skills have been killed by a mercenary? Add the information button on the dead mercenaries! (after battle).


The third idea. Dogs. I do not control the dog, it is logical. But why I can not specify the purpose of your dog? I want the dog to catch up with the archer! A dog runs after spearman! It is not right. Add the ability to specify the purpose of your dog! This is logical.


The fourth idea. Again the dog. Sometimes you need to return the dog to the owner! (It happens. Rarely.) Let the owner be a dog whistle! The host gives a command and the dog runs to the owner.


The fifth idea. In general I do not understand the map where the battle will be. Close I the enemy? Or I’m away from the enemy? Add the control zone! When they meet, the battle takes place.



Sixth idea. I see the enemy hit points and armor strength. I see your hit points of mercenaries and their strength armor. Why can not I see the strength of the shield? (And their own and others). Add a strip of shield hit points! It is important!


Seventh idea. Add the possibility to place their troops directly to the battlefield! (But not in an ambush) I’m going to (for example, the cemetery), I’m ready for battle! But the troops are at the start of the battle at random! Archers may be ahead, and spearmen behind. Very bad for the win. Images not (difficult to make a picture).

I hope the developers will pay attention to my ideas. Thank you!