Reply To: Wardogs suggestions

Avatar photoMike

add “charge” ability to them, and after sucessfully charge, enemy should fall (or simply stunned)

I’d like to have the ability to point my dog towards specific targets


Honestly I like most of the ideas in this thread but those 2 things seem like the easiest to implement and would make the dogs very valuable assets regardless of the opponent faced.


The biggest problem I’m having with dogs right now is that they are sadly disposable (which would also undermine adding stuff like exp etc. to them).
I propose the houndmaster background having an additional trait: “Has a chance to save company dogs felled in battle from death” – a slain dog would have a chance, say 66%, to appear back in the company stash as “Wounded dog”, needing a couple of days to recover and be usable in battle again.

P.S. I also strongly agree with dogs needing food. Adds immersion.