Reply To: Warped Fantasy Races

Avatar photoMike

I very much like the idea of adding other races in future mods/expansions, and the two you proposed seem to blend in nicely with the feel of the game (kudos for the images).

That being said have you given considration to how they would be different tactic-wise? Would they utilize some new tricks and require a different approach to beat, just like goblins behave different than orcs?
From the brief (meant mostly from flavour, I assume) description I don’t see how the Burrow-Men are more than a reskin of bandits, and Fay Piper & Ent combo sounds like it would require exact same tactic as necromancer, i.e. “madly dash to slice/snipe him NOW before touching anything else” (at least that’s how I deal with them ;]).

I do find the Sprite interesting, seeing as big swarms of weak opponents would encourage brothers to use either sweeping AOEs or quick daggers (or even dogs). It would be interesting if other proposed mobs had their own quirks to both make them interesting and justify their addition to the game.

Keep up the good work! :)