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No worries, you’re very welcome to share your ideas! And I agree, BattleBros looks and plays like a true gem already!
Such events are on the To-Do list. They could trigger missions/contracts (but most likely one-time events), just like a quest to rescue prisoners from a bandits lair.
You can read this on the great feature-page here:
Don’t forget to check out the links to the detailed-features-lists at the bottom.
If you like to read from other people talking about the game, make sure to read the discussion on
It’s already over a year old, but it’s an entertaining read (helps to pass the time until EA).
And there are plenty of screenshots on their twitter-page, even some you’ll not find anywhere else:
Have a good time! ;)

Edit: I’m Not breaking the “Impersonating-Overhype-Staff”-rule here, am I?