Reply To: First feedbacks after last update (new skills and injuries)

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interesting fact #2
goblin ambusher – aimed shot by t2 goblin bow.
the mercenary armor – 130 + heavy armor perk
got : armor damage 20 , hp damage 10… if you count – the maximum damage could be only 5 hp.
I ask developers to ban this cheater )

I think those goblin bows do 25-40 damage that’s 60-65% effective against armour, of which up to 30-35% might ignore armour. So, say it did some 30-40 damage, which gets reduced to some 20-25 damage (i.e. 60-65%) against armour, and is then further reduced by a little bit because of Battle Forged (i.e. to c. 20) … Then, the % of damage that can ignore armour (max 35%): is that taken from the raw value of 30-40 or from the modified value against armour of c. 20? I’d assume the first possibility, since this new value is the value of damage that ignores armour, so that the modified/reduced value because of armour protection is probably not relevant … In which case, the hit point damage of 10 (not more than 35% of the raw damage) could well be right …

How did you calculate that 5 should be the max hit point damage?

Or maybe goblins have their own secret perk system that includes increasing the armour-ignoring potential and poisoning capacity of tiny bows?