Reply To: [Beta patch] Perks that dont exist but should be in game

Avatar photogepardowaty

Serpent Friend – reduces the effect of poison on you
Immunized: poison no longer impairs your combat abilities, and, on the first occasion on which poison enters your veins in a battle, you gain an additional 6 action points and a 25% increase in damage on your next turn.

I don’t think it should be a perk. Not really that useful, but could be a good trait from random event/randomly given on hire. Latter is much more useful, but still – VERY occasional.

Beyond Call of Duty – makes you immune to morale damage

Little OP If you’d ask me. You’d just get this on all guys, boosting them with alcohol and voila. Bunch of terminators on the battlefield.

Others are very cool ideas, I must say. Personally, I’d love to see abundance of perks to choose from. Those which trigger while your character has taken a lot of damage are also very good.

My idea:

Last Resort – If your character is below 25% hit points, he can run away without triggering attacks of opportunity from enemies next to him.