Reply To: First feedbacks after last update (new skills and injuries)

Avatar photoDatom

I love the latest update! Since I enjoy the simulation of a living, realistic fantasy world very much, the update added something i missed before and feels one step closer to becoming the masterpiece it deserves to be.

I had only trouble with one peticular thing: since wounds can have a devistating effect in form of infection or (of course) on the performance in battle, it’s very annoying to have sometimes, depending on the world you generated, absolutely no way to treat the wounds, since in some areas of the map towns just didn’t generate chapels. This makes descending deep “into the wild” far away from towns practically impossible, as long as there is no way to treat the wounds for yourself. When i signed for a caravan contract across the whole map, i got attacked not far from the start, where my brothers got injured and thus was forced to watch the caravan pass multiple settlements, while my brothers developed infections one after another.

Please add some kind of healing backgrounds, making it possible to use herbs or even events sometimes to treat the wounds of the brothers. Not instantly as this would be OP in my opinion, but like it taking some time, maybe even triggering an event depending on what kind of injury is treated, and maybe just as long as you are camping. Since it just doesn’t feel good to have like a monk for healing at level 1 with your veteran level 11 team, you could later maybe even add a system for healers to level up by treating wounds, making it less likely to fail, possible to reduce the negative effects a little and so on. This would help give more use to the new roster system and would go well with other support classes, maybe having a little impact in battle like a small resolve boost, knowing you got a skilled medic to save your limbs and lives after battle.

I hope i could give you useful feedback and/or inspiration, of course you could solve the problems i pointed out otherwise. Please make it possible to access the settlements you pass through with your caravan aswell, i was missing this even before the update. I mean, they are passing right through it, why shouldn’t i be able to quickly sell my treasures at the biggest city on the map, treat the wounds of a battle before or take a beer on the go? ^^
Thank you for making this game!